Chest of drawers

Tips For Choosing A Chest of Drawers Or Furniture Combo

The chest of drawers is undoubtedly one of the best pieces of bedroom furniture. It isn’t regarded as an essential need in the bedroom, but sometimes it’s hard to do without it. It accommodates clothing, bedding, accessories, and more and provides lots of storage space. It can even serve as a bedside table, dresser, changing table that makes it truly universal and multi-functional.

If you have a chest of drawers in your bedroom but it seems to be sort of messy and unorganized you may want to consider clearing out some of the clutter so you can get a new one that will help you store more efficiently. There are some very easy ways to clear out the old drawers and keep your new one looking great and clean. One of the first things you can do is remove everything from the drawers. Wipe down the surface of the drawers with a soft damp cloth to remove any dust and dirt and then place all of your unused drawers in an old bucket or trash can for much better storage and organization.

There are some cons to having an old-fashioned chest of drawers and one is that it can be rather unsightly. If you have light color or white wood, this can be very easy because the wood tends to stay bright when left unfinished and can add a little character to the room. Having wood veneers on the doors also makes them seem a bit outdated, but if you’re on a budget you can paint over them with white paint. Another disadvantage of wood drawers is they tend to break easily if there’s a strong impact on the bottom or sides. It’s important that you don’t place anything too heavy on the bottom of the drawer since this can cause it to break and shift in its structure which can make it extremely dangerous for your children.

The next popular style of chest of drawers comes in either a sliding drawer dresser or a mirrored one. A sliding dresser is very easy to assemble since all you have to do is attach two long pieces of wood together. They usually come in either three inches wide or five inches wide designs and you’ll need between twenty-five and thirty-five inches of depth for each drawer depending on the size. Mirrored units are available in both three and five inch sizes and they usually come in a choice of three inches or five-inch widths. You may want a combination dresser which features a sliding drawer dresser and a mirrored one in case you’ve got a larger space to work with.

Both of these styles of dressers provide ample storage space for all of your clothes and accessories. You can choose to have a single chest of drawers or double which is ideal if you have a small bedroom or bathroom where you need to have several dressers. Some people, who don’t have a lot of room to spare, even opt for two-person dressers instead of the typical three-person units. Regardless of whether you opt for a single or double chest of drawers, you’ll be able to find dressers of every imaginable size, style, and design so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for.

If you need to save space, but you also want to have the convenience of a chest of drawers, then a furniture combo set is the perfect option for you. A furniture combo set basically consists of two or more pieces of bedroom furniture with one being a chest of drawers. Furniture combo sets are becoming more popular than ever and you won’t have any trouble finding one that’s perfect for your bedroom. Since most furniture combos consist of a bed and a dresser, you can expect to save quite a bit of money by purchasing a bedroom furniture combo set rather than individually purchasing each piece. Additionally, since all of the pieces usually come in similar styles, you can get a great deal on a good piece and then purchase other matching pieces to complete the room.

Room Divider

Best Room Dividers Ideas to Apply

Are you looking to make your living space look more versatile and flexible? The incorporation of room dividers into the construction of your new home will work perfectly for you. While they are used to create multi-purpose areas in a squeezed house, room dividers can suddenly freshen up your interior décor. The room dividers can also partition home offices, play spaces, guest rooms, studios, and classrooms. They are also known to elevate the shape and size of a room by making it appear much more significant than how it is. The room dividers are made to function much like an ordinary interior wall but with added flexibility and practicality. These are just some reasons why many homeowners request their builders to incorporate room dividers into their homes during construction.

Best Room Divider Ideas

1. Plant-Lovers Partition

You can fashion a living wall in your room using a hanging wall-planter. One of the significant advantages of this design is that it is entirely customizable. The items you are supposed to take care of when choosing the plant lovers partition are the dimensions you need, how you will hang the plant, and the ideal number of tassel length and tiers.

2. Custom panels

One of the advantages you will have when selecting the custom panels is to customize them to your favorite patterns and colors. Custom panels allow free flow of air, unlike blocked partitions. They also style your interior décor due to the presence of creative panel patterns. However, they are delicate and could break easily when forced to fit.

3. Storage Galore

Wall divers could also be used as organizers when you select those in good shape. For instance, square cubby holes could be used as bookshelves when leaned against a flat wall and could also be tilted vertically to make practical and straightforward room dividers. To add a small dash of interior décor to your product choice, you are supposed to select one that matches the theme color of your interior décor. Check more info about room dividers on this page (

Some of the aspects you ought to consider when you are picking your room dividers include

1. Cost

Different room dividers are sold at different prices. The materials the room dividers are made of and the type of pattern determine the costs.

2. Design

The impact the wall divider will have on your interior décor should also determine whether you purchase it or not. You are recommended to choose a pattern that will make changes to your house décor.


Chest of drawers

Tips To Help You Select A Chest Of Drawers

A chest of drawers, known as (in North American English), a wardrobe or a dresser, is a form of closets (a large multi-purpose furniture item) which has many vertical, horizontal, or two-way drawers usually stacked one above the other, in either a drawer-block style arrangement or in a box style. The chest of drawers is most commonly found in homes where there are several uses of jewelry, antiques, or clothes; however, this piece of furniture can be found in many commercial establishments. They can be made of wood, metal, or plastic, and they can be solid built or semi-solid. This furniture item is also referred to as “cases,” ” chests,” or “wicks,” and they can be placed on a shelf, on a desk, on a bed, in a closet, or any other room where a lot of free space is needed for storage. In addition to their use as furniture storage, they are excellent as display containers and as decorative accents.

While the name “chester drawers” evokes thoughts of traditional dressers of bygone days, modern day Chester furniture manufacturers have designed their products to be much more up to date. Chests of today are available in a wide variety of styles, including fully lined drawers, which are great for displaying garments or collections. They can also be purchased in solid wood or with a wood veneer finish. They are also available in different widths, such as the Small, Medium, and Large drawers.

Chest of drawers is traditionally designed to keep clothing or items of bedroom furniture safe and secure, and dressers can be quite useful in these regards. While dressers in a home are usually used for storing only dresses, today’s dressers come in a variety of styles which allow them to be used for a variety of storage needs. The most common being clothes, hats, shoes, belts, handbags, or anything else which needs to fit into a small space.

When shopping for a chest of drawers there are several things to consider. First and foremost are the amount of space you have available for storing your furniture. If you do not have a large space for a full sized dresser, then smaller dressers will be more than sufficient. Many people opt for a half chest dresser which is quite small but at the same time will still allow for most of the items in the dresser. Finally, if space is limited and you are looking for additional drawer storage, a side table will be an ideal addition to a chest of drawers.

In order to determine the size of the drawers that you need, you should first measure the exact size of the opening where the doors will open. This will ensure that the chest of drawers will fit inside appropriately. Most furniture stores carry a range of different sized drawers and will usually help you determine the correct size directly on their websites. If they are unable to assist you with sizing you should ask the customer care personnel at the store for their assistance.

When selecting a chest of drawers for your bedroom or office, it is important that you take the functionality into consideration. Are you looking for a high chest to store items such as China, children’s clothes, or even office supplies? If so you will need to select a style that compliments the other furniture in the room. While a low chest of drawers can enhance an empty corner by adding a feature wall, it is important to remember that the drawers themselves will probably take up quite a bit of floor space. If the room is small, for example, a medium chest of drawers may be the best option as it will fit well alongside of other pieces of furniture.

Chest of drawers

A Guide To Choosing A Chest Of Drawers

Everybody prefers a neat and harmonious bedroom space that oozes calm. Having ample space is key for this to be practical and usually, this involves ridding the room of clutter meaning that clothes should be properly stored. It is, therefore, essential to invest in a chest of drawers. They come in a variety of styles and configurations and so it is important to know what you are looking for when shopping for the perfect one.

Drawer Styles

There are numerous styles to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, or available floor space, Also, depending on your interior design style, either mid-century, vintage, or Feng Shui there are furniture retailers who can customize to tailor it to your specifications. Some of the core factors to consider include:

  • Floor space available
  • Interior design style
  • The material used to make drawers
  • Required storage space

Floor Space Available

Usually, when picking a chest of drawers, one has to take into account the floor space available. The aim is to have a lot of storage while taking up minimal floor space. A compact or narrow-base style might stack more drawers and cover less floor space while a wide-base style might have fewer drawers with more storage space but cover more floor space.

Interior Design Style

If you opt for a vintage style setting as your preferred interior design decor then the drawer style should mirror or compliment this. Otherwise, picking a drawer with an ultramodern look might negatively impact the visual attractiveness of the room.

The Material Used To Make The Drawers

Exotic materials such as mahogany or teak wood have a huge impact on the room space. Drawers made from such wood are pricey and they exude class. A garnished finish on your drawer that has been crafted from such materials will work well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Required Storage Space

Some individuals have more garments than others and hence might need more storage space. Such a necessity warrants a different design to make it possible to accommodate the various fashion items in your possession. For instance, a 2 over 3 style of drawers can ensure that two upper deck drawers can be used to store inner garments while the remaining three at the base can hold the cardigans and official wear. You can check out Tylko’s blog for an in-depth look at other styles (